27 Mar 2015 | DJ RAHAT feat. ANIKA


Official DJ at Meril Prothom-Alo Award

Official DJ at Meril Prothom-Alo Award

Meril Prothom Alo Award 2013 Has announced last Friday (25 April 2014). Bangabandhu International Conference Centre on Friday was a weekend day happy glittering gathering of the country’s cultural backgrounds convocation of star in media. It organizes cultural backgrounds sixteenth to reward stars. Visitors to the brim with the presence of a cover design of this program is the best award 14. 

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Meril Prothom-Alo awards known as big award giving ceremony of Bangladesh. As a famous DJ of Bangladesh VDJ Rahat is doing DJ’ing at Meril Prothom-Alo Awards from several years and at this year also he was the official DJ of that events.

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